Danielle Knibbe 2


SATurday, 16 MARCH 2018  |  Doors at 20:00, Music from 20:30

At Notional Space, we don’t play favourites; but sometimes favourites play. Danielle is, quite frankly, one of the most brilliant young songwriters in North America. Her compositions are presented in arrangements that feel simultaneously spare and lush. The offhand rawness of her affecting vocals are backed by intricate harmonies, delivered with deft understatement.

Danielle’s band is also exceptional. With bassist Connor Walsh and guitarist Bryn Besse, Danielle is touring her just-released “The Ribcage & the Heart”, the follow-up to her astonishing 2016 debut album, “Some Curious Birds”. Her recordings display the breadth and intelligence of her songwriting; and they give a strong sense of the natural virtuosity her band exudes in live performance.

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