TUESDAY, 15 October 2019  |  Doors at 18:30, Performance from 19:00

Artemis is a performing ensemble dedicated to serving the interests of survivors of sexual violence, by featuring their professional musical talents on stage! Join Morgan Zentner, Jimin Joanna Lee, Chronfused, and Katelin Rose Coleman for an evening of music, both contemporary and classical, as they illuminate the survivor’s journey from isolation into togetherness. Artemis: On Loneliness is a musical and artistic exploration of solitude, the self, collectivity, and the power of community.

Artemis warmly invites you to help fight the stigma of survivorhood by sharing an evening of togetherness with us. The 7:00 p.m. concert will wrap up well in time for you all to get home and enjoy the long, cozy Autumn evening – but if you wish to enjoy some down-time with the ensemble, they invite you to stay afterwards and share your experience of the concert.

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