Upcoming Events


THURSDAY, 18 APril 2024  |  DOORS AT 19:30, MUSIC FROM 20:00

Georgia Hathaway, superb multi-instrumentalist and profoundly satisfying vocalist, returns to celebrate the release of their new EP, Between the Green. Georgia’s songwriting is inspired by wild places, geographical and emotional, and their meditative, bluesy lyrics tell stories of both natural landscapes and well-imagined lives. Many of you will fondly recall Georgia’s fabulous performance here with their band The Wilderness Inside in 2023, and will already know what a treat it is for us to host this special solo show.



SATURDAY, 27 APril 2024  |  DOORS AT 14:30, Words and MUSIC FROM 15:00

By Heart is a poetry recital, hosted by writers Rachel Rose and Aislinn Hunter, followed by a musical performance by singer/songwriter Molly Annelle. What will be recited? Poems published before 2000 and not written by the reciter. Who will recite? You can! Or not. Follow the link below to get the full skinny.



FRIDAY, 7 JUNE 2024  |  DOORS AT 19:30, MUSIC FROM 20:00

Join us for an evening with acclaimed Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter James Houlahan. James has produced a substantial body of work, including six albums over the past twelve years, since devoting himself full-time to presenting his own music. James puts substance over style, in a voice beautifully described by Glide Magazine as “rustic open-heartedness”. His work is is often driven by bluesy chops or floated over acoustic guitar rhythms that could have come straight from a 1960s Greenwich Village coffee house or West Texas roadhouse. This alchemy of Americana has made James a mainstay of the Indie scene in LA.



FRIDAY, 26 JUNE 2024  |  DOORS AT 19:30, MUSIC FROM 20:00

Wielding a sound that would turn classical music scholars to stone, these four folk musicians are reimagining the Western string quartet. By reviving string timbres previously regarded as too ugly for “polite society,” Medusa tempts us to redefine what is beautiful.

Since their formation, this adventurous quartet of Georgia Hathaway, Lea Kirstein, Marta Sołek, and Saskia Tomkins have been slaying all across Canada, including at Vancouver’s own Rogue Folk Club and in the showcases at this year’s Canadian Folk Music Awards in St. John’s, where their debut album was shortlisted for album of the year.