Tonye, Corrina, Earnest, and Good Pitch Vancouver


Wednesday, 10 July 2019  |  19:00 to 22:00
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How often do you get the warm deliciousness of Tonye Aganaba and Corrina Keeling, and the chilly deliciousness of Earnest Ice Cream in the same room? You’ll have to ask Tonye and Corrina — who are, fortunately for them and us, often found in the same room — about the nature and extent of their ice cream habits. But we’d wager that YOU don’t often have the chance for this tasty triple-threat.

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About Good Pitch Vancouver

This evening is a benefit concert-cum-pig-out for Good Pitch Vancouver, a truly singular organization leveraging the social impact of Canadian-made documentary films with a creativity and reach that even the filmmakers themselves frequently cannot imagine.

If you cannot join us for this benefit concert (and ice cream!), we urge you to learn more about Good Pitch, check-out the STORY MONEY IMPACT website.   In today’s media age, there are few ways we can think of to better transform a small financial gift into significant, diverse, high impact social change than to help Good Pitch Vancouver maximize the reach and influence of brilliantly-made documentary films.

Please lend Good Pitch Vancouver your most generous support.

About Tonye Aganaba and Corrina Keeling

These two brilliant Vancouver share a poetic, romantic conception of songwriting, as well as a penchant for piquant, jazzy guitar rhythms that bring a deep sophistication to sweet genre-defying melodies. In turns bluesy and giddy, these are artists who never fail to move and awe audiences.

Check out Tonye’s work.

Check out Corrina’s work.

About Earnest Ice Cream

Earnest Ice Cream is, well, tremendous… and needs no introduction. We deeply appreciate Earnest Ice Cream’s support of Good Pitch Vancouver.