THURSDAY & FRIDAY, 23 & 24 NovEMBER 2023  |  DOORS at 19:00, PERFORMANCES FROM 19:30

Returning to IndieFest after a sold out premiere, The Liminal is an immersive performance experience that gathers storytellers of diverse artistic disciplines and lived experiences to reflect on themes of transformation. Conceived and directed by multidisciplinary theatre artist Stephanie Wong, in partnership with re:Naissance Opera and the Chinatown Storytelling Centre, this evening features a collision of theatre, dance, music, digital media, food, and community; and it concludes with a musical performance by Tonye Aganabe.

The Structure of the Evening

  • The Liminal is an immersive multi-disciplinary performance experience on the themes of transformation.
  • Guests will arrive between 7pm and 7:15pm, and be welcomed into Notional Space. There will be tea and light bites served between 7:00pm – 9:00pm.
  • From arrival until around 9:15pm, guests explore the rooms and areas of Notional space, discovering “Portals to Possible Futures”:10-15 minute performance commissions on ‘generative futures’. The living room will be a space for connection and conversation throughout this time.
  • The audience will roam, and they won’t be able to necessarily see everything. It’s not ‘completionist’, but ‘choose your own adventure’
  • 7 artists of diverse creative backgrounds have been commissioned, including dance, storytelling, music, drag, and digital media.
  • The evening ends with a musical performance by Tonye Aganaba, bringing us back into the present moment at the end of the evening. There will be standing and seated room available for this part of the evening.

A Gift Economy Experience

This production of The Liminal is staged at considerable expense and is a part of the otherwise ticketed IndieFest. Nonetheless, the creators are presenting this night in accordance with the gift economy principles of Notional Space, which you can read more about here. Your role in this process is very meaningful to the production — and, we hope, to you also.

Here’s what the producers of The Liminal have to say about it:

“We are delighted to be staging The Liminal at Notional Space, which is a gift economy project. That is why there is no requested dollar amount attached to your attendance. In short, this evening is a gift, and you, like us, are participants in it. If you decide that you would like to bring a gift of traditional currency, a hand-written letter of thanks to the artists, a bottle of your favourite refreshment, or simply your inimitable presence, we will be happy to receive it.”

We deeply appreciate your support for this production — and for all the artists who bring pop and fizz to our community.

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