SATURDAY, 13 July 2024  |  DOORS AT 19:30, MUSIC FROM 20:00

Zmi is a composer and pianist from Shizuoka, Japan whose boundless expressiveness is matched only by her irrepressible delight.  Whether finding her way through extemporaneous “Piano Diaries”, much like a young Keith Jarrett, or writing in a more formal, structured way, her work conveys an exuberant, if gentle embrace of the world.  Although Zmi’s tenderness and romanticism is uniquely identifiable, it’s also impossible to resist easy comparisons:  her more dramatic compositions often feature lush pentatonic motifs, giving them the kind of cultural rootedness you might expect from a composer like Sakamoto Ryiuchi; some of her short pieces have a touch and feel that evoke Bill Evans or Lyle Mays; her expressionistic work combining piano and voice call to mind experimentations by Patrick Watson or Sufjen Stevens.  Zmi is looking to raise the funds to record her next album.  Come help get her back into the studio.

About Zmi

Zmi is a music composer born in Shizuoka, Japan. She has been playing piano since her early childhood, and she enjoys creating a gentle sound with her familiar instrument.

After releasing several songs on the digital label called Totokoko Label,  her 1st album, “Fu ne” and 2nd album, “piano diary” was published by PLOP/NATURE BLISS. Since then, Zmi composes her music for media including TV ads, internet, and movies while performing at live stages with other artists such as Italian pianist  Stefano Guzzetti, Taiwanese quartet Cicada, and Japanese guitarist paniyolo.

In 2022, she held an exhibition of visual and musical art at the Chigasaki Museum of Art, where she also designed the main visual for the exhibition. In the new year of 2024, she worked on music for Shiseido (Chinese version).

​Outside of the music activity, she enjoys traveling and finding musical scales in her natural surroundings such as rocks, sticks, and pinecones.